Plate Making

Curing ChamberCRC 220 Curing Chamber is designed to accelerate the curing process of lead acid battery plates. The chamber ensures drying and proper crystal growth in the freshly pasted plate grids. PLC System, humidity and temperature values in the chamber can be assigned separately for loading, curing and drying cycles. In order to prevent leakage of water and steam, the chamber is fitted with sealing gasket and automatic door systems.

pdfCuring Chamber Brochure

Flash Dry OvenFDO A200 pre drying tunnel is designed to dry or Antimony or Calcium alloyed plates. This flash drying oven is capable of drying up to 200 panels per minute. The plates are carried by the steel conveyor. The furnace access doors allows the operator to verify the operation and clean the machine.

The tunnel, with its specially designed convection heating system and insulation, minimizes heating space, thereby being increased efficiency and maximum energy saving is available. The temperature is controlled automatically by the thermocouple and heat is maintained constant throughout the operation. There are channels blowing hot air from the bottom of the plates and therefore enabling double-sided drying. Dried plates leaving the oven are transferred to the collecting conveyor. The collecting conveyor is large enough operator to collect the plates easily.

pdfFlash Dry Oven Brochure