Grid Production

Plate Cutting & Brushing M/CThe Cutting & brushing machine, cuts the charged or uncharged panels (double plates) from the middle and lugs to the requested length and brushes the lugs.Brushing is a method used to clean the lugs of the pasted plate from paste residual.After cutting and brushing operations, the cut plates are stacked on wood pallet.

pdfCutting & Brushing m/c Brochure

Grid Casting MachineGRC A180 Grid Casting Machine is designed to employ latest technology in grid casting. It is suitable to process both low antimony and calcium alloys. It is equipped with many new features, which bring quality in casting, long operation life and safety. It is capable to cast up to 18 panels per minute. One operator can operate two casting machines and manufacture 17.000 single grids per 8 hours shift.

pdfGrid Casting m/c Brochure