ZESAR is one of the reputable battery equipment and technology suppliers in Europe. The founder, Mr. Zeki started his career in 1976 by establishing the company SARICAM Kalipcilik. In 1986, SARICAM made a joint venture with a hydraulic pump producer under the name ATA SARICAM; which developed battery machines and equipments and successfully made first export to TUDOR Spain. In 2002, Mr. Zeki reorganized ATA SARICAM and formed ZESAR. The idea was very simple, to specialize in certain segments of the battery manufacturing process. For example amongst other processes Mr. Zeki has experience of manufacturing Grid Casters since 1971. Even so, he decided to concentrate on assembly processes of battery manufacturing starting from plate enveloping.

This new formation worked well. In 2008 ZESAR started to use its own patented designs in machines. Also in 2009 with a subsidy grant from government, the company launched the EVOLINE; its low cost high performance new generation assembly line. In 2011, the Robotic Transfer System (RTS) was introduced to make the whole assembly process fully automatic.

Back in 1968, when Mr. Zeki started his career as novice in a grid casting mould shop, it was in his vision to become a market leader one day. Now celebrating 35 years of hard work, ZESAR today actually is supplying good technology for battery production.

Lead Battery manufacturers know there’s no new magic to be discovered that will instantly double battery capacity or reduce production costs by half. The operating principles of the manufacturing systems are well understood and have been for decades. However, factors like price volatility of Lead metal, environmental issues and booming economies have minimized profit margin considerably. Therefore, the issue for the industry is to look at their requirements and to choose the right technology for battery production. In ZESAR, this is the approach that is being used.

The specialty that makes ZESAR unique is to develop machines with customized requirements. By working close with battery producers and listening to their particular needs, every machine can be specifically designed and additional features included. Although core characteristics remain unchanged, each and every machine will have a different identity due to this process.

Through High Technology, the lead-acid battery will be improved to overcome its drawbacks and to be able to compete in modern times. No one can replace the lead acid battery regardless of past, present and future. ZESAR has recognized this fact and is on a mission to provide customer-oriented, good advanced technology for battery production.